Synthetic Marijuana Defense Attorneys in Pennsylvania


On June 23, 2011 Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed into law a statute criminalizing "synthetic marijuana", also known by names such as K2 and Spice. The law became effective on August 23, 2011.

If sold, this "synthetic" marijuana, which comes in various packaging including, among other names, "black magic," is a Felony offense with penalties of up to 5 years in prison for each offense. Delivery or Possession with Intent to Deliver "PWID" of this substance is a serious criminal offense.

Currently, law enforcement officials throughout Pennsylvania are going into stores and seizing what they believe to be this illegal substance. Most recently, Pennsylvania State Troopers seized many items from stores throughout Washington County.

Not all items being seized by police are the illegal substance.

The lawyers at DeLuca, Ricciuti and Konieczka are already involved in representing Tobacco store owners charged with possessing, for sale, "synthetic marijuana"/K2/Spice. Our attorneys know what to look for in the lab analysis of these seized items to determine whether or not the substance is illegal.

DeLuca, Ricciuti and Konieczka is already in the process of steering cases in which the substance is actually illegal to favorable results for our clients including no jail time and no permanent criminal record. Not all cases are the same so call for a free consultation.

Although the criminalization of the substance known as K2, Spice, "synthetic cannabinoids" is relatively new to Pennsylvania, our attorneys are already at the forefront of defending clients against these charges. If you have had items seized or are charged with possession or sale of K2, Spice, "synthetic marijuana," or other similar substance, please call to begin your defense immediately.

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